Self-directed learning for everyone

A multi-generational B2B learning and development solution for employees who enjoy learning and want to continually strive to be a better version of themselves. Joosr Microlearning is a customisable, rapid learning platform that enables self-directed learning for large teams from any device. As a cloud-based platform you can be up a running in minutes. Delivering learning and development content straight into the hands of your staff on any device.

In addition to an optional library of curated expert content and hosting your own content, users can access the Joosr expert 20-minute book summaries for soft-skills, professional development, resilience and wellbeing. Perfect for multi-generational workforces, you can easily deliver your own content to their desktop, tablet or mobile devices. With Joosr there is no need for IT support, it’s an easy-to-use platform that enables you to share content easily and your staff to take their learning into their own hands, on their own schedule.

Evolving for businesses

Our 20-minute book summaries were so popular with Millennials, we recognised an opportunity to bring this type of learning into the workplace to address the gap in Millennial learning. Then, as we began to explore the needs and wants of employees, we discovered that microlearning and self-directed learning are a multi-generational solution. Entrepreneurs, Baby boomers, Generation X, Millennials and beyond, all have common desires when it comes to personal and professional development, they want to:

• Be the best versions of themselves
• Save time, learn smarter and faster
• Apply that learning in their lives right away
• Have control over how and when they learn
• Access content on their own devices

A shift towards self-direction

Smart businesses want to attract top talent but are often competing with international brands like Google and Lego offering glistening company perks and benefits. HR and Learning Directors are also faced with the challenge of proving the ROI and efficiency of employee engagement and retention solutions.

A shift to eLearning is improving things. Digital LMS, collaboration and mobile learning solutions are definitely helping.

The next step is self-directed microlearning.

Who can use it?

It was designed for large companies as an internal solution, but it can be used for any group that wants access to learning resources. Joosr Microlearning can be used by:

• Large companies
• Startups and SMEs
• Membership organisations’
• Any community or group

How is it different from the Joosr Book Summaries?

Joosr Book Summaries is a consumer app that provides readers with original 20-minute book summaries on leading self-help books. Joosr Microlearning is a scalable business platform created for use by large teams. The principle difference is that Joosr Microlearning enables you to publish your own content and deliver it into the hands of your employees through an own-branded version of Joosr. You can then augment your own content with bolt-on content bundles from Joosr and your content partners. Whether you represent a corporate business, small company or membership organisation Joosr Microlearning is perfect for learners across the generations. Now you can easily deliver your own content to their mobile devices, without any fuss, or IT implementation.

What is microlearning?

Think of it like the ‘mini me’ of eLearning. Microlearning is basically a term used to represent the combination of self-directed, mobile and rapid learning. Basically you get to learn faster in short bursts, apply that learning quicker and control when and where you learn.

Book a Tour

Since 2015 Joosr has been growing organically and quietly, yet to date over 40,000 people in 75 countries have read its summaries. Joosr is in the first round of seed funding and is currently generating significant investment interest. This funding round will enable Joosr to expand their marketing and product development to a global level.

Joosr Microlearning has been in beta since January 2017 and pre-launch registration is now open. If you would like to book a tour please get in touch.