Unfinished Business

Most of us will need to juggle a career with caring for a dependent at some point in our lives, but why should having a child, or looking after a sick relative, limit our employment opportunities? Discover what you can do to address this issue, and start demanding better and fairer working conditions for employees with caregiving responsibilities.

Unfinished Business is an eye-opening snapshot of the modern American workplace and the injustices it holds for workers with dependents, no matter whether they're high or low earners, male or female. Learn about the outdated attitudes we still possess regarding the division of caregiving responsibilities, understand how workers should move forward to necessitate change, and recognize that it is crucial for both men and women, and society as a whole, to address these concerns.

You will learn:

  • Why we must start viewing caregiving as a worker's issue, not just a female responsibility
  • How sexism affects both men and women, at work and in the home
  • How we can join together to ignite social change and achieve true equality.