When businesses develop new products or working practices, they face huge risks. They must invest time, money, and personnel in something that ultimately may not work. However, the sprint process allows you to fast-forward through traditional, inefficient working methods to discover whether it is truly worth taking a chance on the new venture.

Sprint provides techniques that have been tried and tested in over 100 companies, from start-up to multinational business, and shows how your own business can tackle a major challenge within just five days. If starting a new project is like setting off on a voyage into unknown territory, then using the sprint process is like being able to send out a scouting party first. Before you commit your entire expedition force to travelling down a path, the scout will have already discovered whether that path leads to quicksand or treasure.

You will learn:

  • How to build a team of people who will then focus and collaborate on a single worthwhile goal
  • How to identify the most important challenges and goals within your organization
  • How to create a prototype to show customers within just five days.