The Rise of the Robots

When we think of robots it seems more science fiction than science fact. But what kind of automated technology is entering the workforce today, and how will it affect job growth and availability in the future? Discover the very real dangers that robots present to not only service industry jobs, but white-collar jobs as well.

The Rise of the Robots is a warning about advancing technology and how it will change the face of the workforce all around the world. Job creation today is primarily in the service sector, where robots are on the brink of taking over. And when automation moves into other industries too, where will people work and how will they support their families? And how would the possibility of mass unemployment affect the world. This book explores the automation problem and considers a possible government solution.

You will learn:

  • How robot technology could impact the service sector within the next decade
  • Where automation is already imposing on jobs held by college-educated professionals
  • Why robots pose a serious threat to the world economy, and what we could do about it.