The Magic of Reality

How did the world begin? Why do bad things happen? Are we alone in the universe? Humans have been coming up with answers to these questions for hundreds of years. But are they the right answers? How does the world really work? Find out what's fact and what's folklore in The Magic of Reality.

Strange things happen in this world, and our ancestors came up with enthralling stories of gods and magic to explain them. As exciting as those stories are, the truth behind our world is even more magical than anything we've been able to conceive. The Magic of Reality is a journey through our past, looking at the myths and folklore we've created, and revealing the mind-blowing science behind the truth.

You will learn:

  • Why aliens might really exist
  • Why miraculous things happen, and why bad things happen
  • What ancient humans thought was going on in the universe-and why they were wrong.