The Innovators

The digital revolution changed the world forever; eventually leading to computers that help us work, play, and pretty much run our society. But the revolution is anything but recent-in fact, it began in the creative and scientific minds of people who lived centuries ago!

The Innovators is a journey of creativity that will take you through every step of the digital revolution, from its birth in the 1800s to the soaring Internet age of today. Along the way you'll learn more about familiar names in computing history, as well as the unsung heroes whose ideas revolutionized their fields. From the first computer program to the creation of the Internet, this is the story of how a creative idea radically changed the way we experience information.

You will learn:

  • How a group of passionate hobbyists changed the face of personal computing
  • What instrumental roles women played in the digital revolution
  • How a group of brilliant minds envisioned the computer centuries before it was possible.