Brain Maker

For centuries, medicine has been relatively clueless about diseases and disorders of the brain. We've found cures and advancements for diseases elsewhere in the body, but issues like autism and depression have baffled doctors and scientists-until now. Medical science has just found a new frontier, and in Brain Maker, you'll discover its secrets as well.

This exciting new frontier is the human digestive system-the gut. A human's gut contains trillions of microbes, working together to keep your body and mind healthy. If something goes wrong in the gut, it directly affects the brain; and in Brain Maker, you'll learn about the exciting new discoveries doctors and scientists are making in this remarkable organ. What happens in your gut has a profound effect on what happens in your brain, and understanding that may be the key to overcoming some of humanity's most formidable diseases.

You will learn:

  • Why the microbes in your gut may be making you sick or fat
  • How bacteria in the stomach can cause depression, Alzheimer's disease, or autism
  • How to make your gut healthier in as little as six days.