The Marshmallow Test

Why do some people find it easy to resist temptation and yet others struggle? Can you learn self-control, and if so, how? If the reward is something you really want, where do you find the willpower to stay the course until you reach your goal? The answers to these questions can be found within our own psyche, but how? Where? Why?

The Marshmallow Test discusses the well-known childhood experiment that challenged the very young to resist an immediate treat in a small amount for the promise of being rewarded later with twice as much of the treat. Through observation, psychologists have expanded their understanding of the cognitive coping skills used to delay gratification for the larger reward in the future. We now know those same coping skills can be learned and adapted to help us out through all stages of life.

You will learn:

  • How to effectively replace emotional decisions with practical decision-making
  • Why positive nurturing of self-control habits in childhood can impact our success in adulthood
  • How picturing a future outcome can motivate good choices and create aversions to poor ones.