New Ideas from Dead Economists

Economics shapes every aspect of our world, from personal financial decisions to global politics. Learning more about key economic theories provides a valuable insight into this influence, allowing you to understand the significant role economics plays in all our lives.

New Ideas from Dead Economists explores the works of some of the most important economists of the last two centuries and their relevance to contemporary issues and concerns. It discusses both the successful hypotheses and the discredited predictions, allowing you to learn about the theories that have had an impact on overpopulation, unemployment, and how our economic markets function today. Through this, it offers both an overview of the history of economic thought and an investigation into its continuing significance.

You will learn:

  • Why Adam Smith believed the economy functions best without restrictions or government intervention
  • That Karl Marx believed capitalism was actually both necessary and beneficial
  • Why Maynard Keynes believed spending more money could in fact end a recession.