Why Love Matters

The love of a parent is more important to a young child's development than you think. Discover why a child's earliest exposure to emotions can lead to physical problems, emotional issues, and even criminal tendencies!

It's a commonly-held belief that a person is born with their personality traits. Tendencies toward anger, calmness, depression or empathy are just natural, unchangeable things-or so we thought. Now new scientific discoveries have revealed that a person's early emotional experiences can affect a child's brain development and therefore who they ultimately become. Sue Gerhardt's Why Love Matters is an engaging, eye-opening collection of research from the fields of psychology and neurobiology that will drastically change the way you look at parenting.

You will learn:

  • Why overlooking a child's feelings can lead to psychological problems in adulthood
  • How a mother's emotions can affect her child before it's even born
  • What you can do to ensure the healthy development of your child's brain.