Raising Girls

Girls have come under increasing pressure in the last decade, and more than ever require careful parenting. Their mental health is being affected by threats unleashed by technology and by the consistent portrayal of negative body images in the media and elsewhere. However, none of these things need to bring a girl down, if she's being raised in a good environment.

Raising Girls looks at the rise of mental health issues among today's girls and young women, and sets forth to help parents tackle this problem. It pulls out the big themes addressing girls of all ages-especially those unknown to previous generations-helping parents to understand them, and provides the tools needed to raise happy, healthy, and confident young women.

You will learn:

  • How to ensure your daughter is more at ease with herself at every stage of her development
  • The problems posed by technology, and the ways in which you can help your daughter overcome these
  • Why it is important to help unleash your daughter's inner spirit.