Raising Can-Do Kids

Do you ever worry about how you will help your children to thrive in the twenty-first century? In a world where everything is changing so quickly and where the future is so difficult to predict, it could be that current parenting trends are actually holding our children back from becoming their best selves, and are potentially incompatible with success in modern life. So what's the alternative?

Employers these days are looking for employees who are resilient problem solvers-creative thinkers who can change the world for the better and who are not afraid to take risks and get their hands dirty along the way. Raising Can-Do Kids is a unique guide to nurturing children in developing the exact skills that will see them flourish in a fast-paced, technological world.

You will learn:

  • Why optimism is important and how to nurture this trait in your child
  • The importance of children's museums and how to recreate the experience in your home
  • The three most important social skills that your child needs and how to begin developing these.