Raising Boys

What makes boys so different from girls, and how can parents address these differences to raise happy boys who will grow into well-adjusted men? Discover the important developmental stages boys experience, and how you can support and nurture your sons to ensure they are happy and emotionally confident young men.

In recent years there has been a well-intentioned push to treat boys and girls equally; but the fact is boys and girls are different, and they therefore need to be parented in different ways. Raising Boys explains the inner workings of a boy's body and mind as he matures from infancy to manhood. With an understanding of what makes a boy think and act in the ways that he does, parents can educate, love and support their sons to ensure they become happy, responsible, confident adults.

You will learn:

  • Why boys might benefit from delaying school by a year
  • How a boy's brains develops differently from a girl's, and what you can do to help him learn more effectively
  • What testosterone does to your son's body as he matures, and how to help him handle the changes he will experience.