Get Out of My Life

Why do teenagers today seem so different to previous generations, and how do modern parents cope with these differences to raise healthy teenagers? Discover how to effectively communicate with your teen in order to impart the right lessons and allow your child to achieve healthy independence.

Parenting a teen today truly is different than it was decades ago, which means parents can't simply fall back on their own experiences in order to decide what to do. Rather than punishing your child and relying on fear to control his or her actions, you must understand what drives adolescent behavior, and learn to react effectively to guide your teenager in the right direction. Get Out of My Life will teach you how to properly respond to the issues that come with raising a teenager.

You will learn:

  • How to effectively handle conflict with your teen
  • Why it is necessary to let your teen make decisions, even if they are the wrong ones
  • Why the issue of lying should be overlooked in favor of addressing a more serious problem with your child's behavior.