The Opposite of Spoiled

Do you think that you are being a good parent by protecting your children from the "evils" of money? Do you brush off their awkward questions about your family's own financial situation? Do you make your child work for their allowance, punishing incomplete chores with a reduction in spending money? If so, it is time to radically rethink the way your family approaches the subject of money.

In The Opposite of Spoiled, you will learn how to raise your children to become adults who are financially literate and able to navigate a world in which they are forever being urged to buy more—and buy now. Get ready to embrace a new approach to money, where no question is left unanswered, as your children begin to truly engage with the financial world, learning to become conscious spenders, patient savers, and generous givers.

You will learn:

  • A simple method to teach your child to become adept at spending, saving, and giving
  • Why you need to start talking to your child about money—today
  • How to help your child to be grateful for what they have.