The Intelligent Investor

Anyone can make an investment. Making a good investment, however, takes work, brainpower and some valuable insight from an expert.

If you're planning on making a serious investment anytime soon, you need to read this book. Benjamin Graham will show you a disciplined, risk-minimized way to invest, whilst breaking down complex topics for anyone to understand. When you read this book, you'll learn how to analyze the past for trends, how to decide if a seemingly great investment is too good to be true, and much, much more. And with up-to-date commentary from Money magazine's Jason Zweig, you're sure to get the advice you need to thrive in today's markets!

You will learn:

  • How to keep your investments safe from danger and unforeseen disaster
  • Why even the best tools can't help you if you don't study the market
  • When and how to take big risks in your investments.