Never Split the Difference

If you are tired of the same old negotiation manuals, then you have come to the right place. Never Split the Difference reveals pioneering negotiation techniques that have been tried and tested by the FBI—and, while you may not be negotiating a hostage any time soon, these techniques will certainly help you to get what you want.

In Never Split the Difference, your own perception of negotiation will be challenged as you begin to see just how much of the process is led by emotion, irrational thought, and unspoken challenges. Plus, you'll discover how to combat those invisible decision makers working behind the scenes and disarm difficult personalities or "deal killers," all without conflict.

You will learn:

  • How to let your listening and observation skills lead you in the right direction
  • Why tone of voice and the passing of time are your most valuable tools as a negotiator
  • How to steer the conversation, while letting the other person believe that they are in control
  • Why "yes" isn't necessarily the answer you're looking for.