The Goal

Many organizations have everything they could possibly need to be a success: great managers, top-quality machines and plenty of hard workers. Yet still so many of these operations fail to reach their ambitions. Why are they failing? What is preventing them from reaching their goal? Perhaps it could be that they're not aiming for the right one in the first place...

The Goal is the perfect introduction to the revolutionary Theory of Constraints, a powerful strategy for finding the issues that plague manufacturing operations. It outlines how to deal with these, while keeping focused on your ultimate goal-and also reveals just what that goal should be. Though its timeless lessons have their origin in production, they will offer valuable guidance to any business leader.

You will learn:

  • How to spot constraints that hinder your entire production process
  • Why it's actually a bad idea to produce as much product as possible
  • Why your operation should never be able to reach its ultimate goal.