The Energy Bus

What is it that keeps us from being happier and more successful both personally and professionally, and how can we overcome this to transform our lives? In The Energy Bus, you will discover the importance of energy and how to use it for a happier, more fulfilled existence.

Many people today suffer from an abundance of negative energy in their lives when they don't have to. The Energy Bus is a rulebook for understanding the benefits of positive energy, and demonstrates how you can use it to fuel everything that you do. The rules in this book will provide you with techniques for completely eliminating negativity and maximizing positivity in the journey of your life.

You will learn:

  • How to create positive energy in your life and use it as a fuel to improve your productivity and happiness
  • Why sharing the goals you envision for yourself with the people around you can help you achieve them faster and more effectively
  • What you can do about negative people in your life to keep them from blocking your way.