Agile Talent

We live in changeable times, and perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than in the workplace. As the market transforms with startling rapidity, traditional employment models are quickly giving way to a growing freelance economy. But what benefits do outside workers bring to modern leaders and managers-and what challenges, too?

Agile Talent examines the benefits of freelance help, arguing that embracing external experts can greatly strengthen your organization. It also explores the potential obstacles and provides strategies to help you avoid them, ensuring your use of specialist freelancers is efficient, effective, and profitable for you, your workers, and your business.

You will learn:

  • Why changing attitudes towards employment mean there's a huge pool of gifted individuals out there who would love to work with you
  • How employing freelance workers can make your company more dynamic, flexible, and effective whilst still keeping down costs
  • How to select the best freelance talent and ensure they provide the best possible work.