There are so many assumptions about mess. If you have a messy inbox then you might be considered unprofessional at work; if your home is chaotic, you might appear immature or unreliable. But the truth is that top achievers throughout history have used messy methods—including David Bowie, Charles Darwin, and Benjamin Franklin. So, instead of trying to hide it, it's time to embrace your mess.

There are a variety of benefits to mess that can not only give your creativity a boost, but also help you gain perspective on existing projects, ultimately leading to you make breakthroughs and create unexpected magical moments. Discover why there is method to the madness and how you can achieve your goals by being a little more random.

You will learn:

  • How to use random leaps to change your perspective, revive your energy, and make more progress on existing projects
  • Why a messy inbox can actually help you to become more productive in business
  • That being unpredictable and making random decisions can help you gain the upper hand in a conflict situation.