Big Data

"Big Data" is not just a buzz phrase; it is helping us to make advances in almost every field-from security to shopping, from democracy to finance. But do we really know what Big Data is and where it is taking us?

Timandra Harkness helps us to explore the basics of Big Data, looking at how it is being used by business to understand its customers, by the police to fight crime, and how politicians are using it to inform policy and win votes. Looking at the great power it holds, alongside the potential dangers, Big Data offers an overview of how this relatively new tool is being used, and guides even the most uninitiated to gain an understanding of the enormous potential of Big Data.

You will learn:

  • How Big Data is being used in business, community affairs, and politics
  • Why it is important to ask questions and be wary of Big Data
  • How to take steps to protect your privacy in the era of Big Data.