The Antidote

Unfortunately, it's quite unlikely that you're going to find happiness in the pages of a self-help book. Besides, it would appear that finding "happiness" really isn't as valid a goal as we have been led to believe. What if there is another way to experience life, one that is ultimately more fulfilling and more profound?

The Antidote explores an alternative angle, one where we allow ourselves to experience more negativity in our lives in surprising and satisfyingly challenging ways. Learning from those who have committed their lives to Buddhism and Stoicism, to celebrating failure and making friends with death, we too can gain the advantages of choosing the "Negative Path."

You will learn:

  • Why self-help books aren't actually making us any happier
  • How to conquer our fear of death
  • How embracing negativity and worst-case scenarios can help us live a richer, more fulfilling life.