Mindless Eating

Those of us who have been on diets know that extreme weight loss is often followed swiftly by weight gain. Mindless Eating puts an end to this yo-yo dieting by using psychological research to teach us the facts about why we eat what we eat and how we can steadily, easily, and painlessly lose ten pounds each year, without depriving ourselves of the food we love.

Brian Wansink PhD, the Director of the Cornell Univerity Food and Brand Lab, calls upon his years of experience and research to reveal the truth behind why so many of us seem to pile on the pounds, year after year, without even realizing it. Gain unique insights into your relationship with food and begin to take control of your mindless food consumption, once and for all.

You will learn:

  • What the "Mindless Margin" is and why it is so important when it comes to sustainable, long-term weight loss
  • Why large kitchens make us eat more
  • How to stop turning to high calorie comfort foods at times of stress.