The $100 Start-Up

Why spend most of your life working for other people, endlessly slaving away and trapped in a dull routine, when you could be using that time to realize your dreams? It's possible for you to turn your greatest passions into profit, and The $100 Start-Up is here to show you just how to do this.

All over the world, people are following their passions to create a new kind of start-up known as a "microbusiness." These businesses operate on an extremely small scale, and are built around using an individual's skills or interests to generate money in a meaningful way. Discover how to create a microbusiness of your own, how to attract and retain customers, and how to keep earning the money that will give you the freedom you've always desired.

You will learn

  • How to work out which of your passions and skills are profitable
  • Why your first sale needs to be made as quickly as possible
  • How to increase your revenue without increasing your workload.