How to Win Friends and Influence People

Positive interactions with people are the basis of success in business, in life and in love. Unlock surprising secrets about what makes people enjoy other people, and learn to become a friendlier, more engaging person who makes a positive impression on those around you.

In How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie teaches readers how to use human psychology to improve their people skills. By simply learning the importance of taking a genuine interest in other people, you can become a more engaging person. And through following the simple steps outlined in this book, it's possible to transform yourself into a nicer, more understanding individual to whom others are irresistibly drawn.

You will learn:

  • How you can get the most out of employees by emulating great leaders of the past
  • The art of subtly suggesting your own ideas to bring others to your opinion
  • Why you must avoid arguing with others, and how it will make them like you more.