Strong Woman

Unfortunately, in today's society many women in business still struggle to succeed. Whether you're feeling defeated in a male-dominated environment, or you're a working mother struggling with feelings of guilt as you try to balance work and family life, Karren Brady's advice and experience can help you to get ahead without losing your drive.

Renowned for being the youngest managing director of a PLC for Birmingham City, and for her role on Channel 4's The Apprentice, there is no doubt that Brady is a strong woman—one who has made a great success of her life. If you are looking for tangible solutions to help you get to the top in business, then Brady has the experience and insight to help you do just that.

You will learn:

  • How to be a strong woman in business without fear of personal critique
  • Why it is important to get comfortable with failure
  • How to balance your working life with your family life and still see success.