Screw Work Break Free

Do you want to escape a job you hate, but don't know where to begin? Well, it all starts with a great idea— and Screw Work Break Free will show you how to come up with dozens, turning the one you love the most into a money-making venture in just 30 days.

Screw Work Break Free outlines a simple yet effective ideas—generating process, and explains how to hit on one which will generate an income for you. There's no need to immediately quit your current job, and you won't have to work through the night to make progress either. By using your time wisely and constantly evaluating your work, you will be able to create something inspired, completing a project that could be the beginning of your personal dream career.

You will learn:

  • How to complete a money-making project in just one month
  • Why it's important to share your work-especially when it's not ready
  • That working toward entrepreneurial freedom takes just 20 minutes a day.