The Leader's Guide to Negotiation

Almost everything in life is negotiable. Where you will go out to eat on a date, what time you start work, which supplier to use and at what price, the rules of an election; if something involves more than one person, it is open to negotiation. This is why negotiation is such a core life skill and one which everyone could benefit from learning more about—and all the more so if you work in business or politics.

The Leader's Guide to Negotiation will set you up with the skills you need to never lose a negotiation again, mainly because you will never again enter into a win-lose situation, favoring instead a strong win-win strategy. Once you have learned how to implement a win-win approach, all your future negotiations will be easier, more satisfying, and far more successful. And, as an added bonus, you will also build trustworthy and long-lasting business relationships.

You will learn:

  • Why a win-win negotiation strategy is preferable to the traditional win-lose model
  • How to get your counterparty to buy into your win-win strategy
  • How to avoid being bullied at the negotiating table.