The Spark

Where could your child's abilities and interests take them if you inspire them? Jacob Barnett was diagnosed with autism at two years old, but his mother, Kristine, was determined that this would never hold him back. At first her goal was to get her son accepted into mainstream kindergarten, but it soon became apparent that Jacob had a truly exceptional gift for science and math, one which experts believe will one day see him win a Nobel Prize.

The Spark offers much more than a biographical account of the Barnett's family life; it stands as a guide to help all parents to find and develop the "spark" in their own children. For it is Kristine's belief that all children will go on to achieve great things, if only they are allowed to find their niche and to follow their passions.

You will learn:

  • What it means to truly be an advocate for your child, believing in their potential and refusing to let them give in to labels
  • How to creatively nurture your child's "spark," and help them to have a happy and fulfilled childhood at the same time
  • The importance of allowing your children to grow and follow their own path, no matter how scary this may be for you, the parent.