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Last week, while attending The Business Show at the ExCeL centre in London, Joosr caught a speech from a man who is no stranger to success: Andy Harrington.

Public speaking expert, entrepreneur, and bestselling author of Passion to Profit, which Joosr have handily summarized for our readers, Harrington gave away some more of his top business secrets to the audience who were all listening intently. The vital element linking these? Content. And how do you create this? It’s simple—just follow the Four I’s:


Your content must be good. It should teach your potential customer or client something they want to know, which means solving a problem that they have. Ideally, the solution you offer should take the form of a systemized map, getting this individual from A to B, or “stuck” to “unstuck.” Ensure your map is branded, so that people associate this solution with you.


Once you’ve created good content, it needs to be delivered in the right way; your content should have an impact on people. You need to attack your marketplace! Use your content to create conflict, opposing another company’s concept or offering a better solution than theirs. Every successful business has a worthy adversary, and being a villain is better than trying to be liked by everyone. You need to stand out or your content will go entirely unnoticed.

Inspire: You should inspire others with your content, which you can do by using it to tell a story. It’s not all about logic or facts, instead you must appeal to your audience’s emotions. Your content should have a narrative, something that others can relate to and feel motivated by. People have a habit of getting swept up by well-told stories, so use yours to attract their attention and interest. Remember: “content tells, but stories sell.”


We are all in the business of change. Most people are not afraid of their problem, but they are afraid of the solution. You need to sell your potential customer or client on this change, and you can do this by having influence over them. Again, this has a lot to do with letting them know what the solution to their problem is, and making it clear that it’s entirely within their reach. And you can make it even easier for them—because you can do it for them.


Begin to attract people with high quality, valuable, beneficial content, then use it to sell them on your business. When you create and deliver content in this way, following the Four I’s, this will ultimately lead to the fifth—and most important—I there is: Income!
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