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Whether you are trying to smash the glass ceiling at work, juggle priorities at home or hoping to win the crown of world’s best mum. We have selected our best 20-minute summaries of self-help books for women - that will help you do just that. So, stick the kettle on and prepare to be inspired as together we delve into motivational books for women that will rock your world.

Feel empowered with these professional development self-help books

Your Next Role by Niamh O’Keeffe

Get your hammers ready to smash that glass ceiling. In Your Next Role you will discover key strategies from Niamh O’Keefe’s ‘Get Promoted’ formula - a proven strategy for promotion. Designed for anyone with leadership potential looking to get ahead faster, but especially useful for women who struggle to breakthrough alongside their male counterparts. We get to the route of the book, providing you with actionable takeaways and practical exercises that can help you right now… not when you finally get around to reading the whole book.

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First Women by Kate Brower

The book is a labor of love that reveals the private side of women whose lives have been so very public. Brower has tirelessly worked to gather as much detail as she can about each of the women’s lives, and in the summary we have drawn out the best bits, including intimate details and historic inspiration on the sorority of women. Any woman would benefit from their experiences and wisdom.

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Build confidence and improve self-awareness

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie

Take a look at How to Stop Worrying and Start Living for Dale Carnegie’s tips and advice on understanding habitual worry. Break the patterns of stress, deal with problems more constructively, and push your worries away for a stress-free perspective on life—and on the current political situation.

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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

In The Secret Rhonda Byrne explains how our thoughts make us what we are, sculpt the life we live, and become the source of all the good and bad that comes our way. We capture her findings and theories on why thoughts are so powerful. Helping you understand how you can leverage their potential for change - what we are and will be. Together we can unlock the Secret helping you get one step closer to achieving everything you desire in life.

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The Confidence Code by Katty Kay, Claire Shipman

Kay and Shipman decided to tackle the confidence disparity between genders that is preventing women from progressing further. They are on a mission to raise female confidence in the workplace, helping women everywhere to achieve their true potential. Take a dive into our summary to find out how they are encouraging women to believe in themselves, become fearless and confident. This is a top pick if you want to learn how to lose your fear and get exactly what you want out of life.

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Dig deep and take care of your emotional wellbeing

Messy by Tim Harford

Women may be better at multitasking, but sometimes things just get messy and there is actual proof that it really is okay. Messy is an indulgent treat for any readers who are tired of feeling guilty about their messy tendencies. You will discover how messiness can help you better communicate with children and encourage them to have a healthy relationship with mess. The book delves into the troubling consequences of a tidy, “automated” world, and how a little messiness could not only allow us more freedom of choice, but also save lives.

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Emotional Agility by Susan David

Our summary on Emotional Agility by Susan David reveals expert tips on how to manage your emotions in a way that is not only informative, but also compelling. With just the right balance of storytelling and factual research, Emotional Agility will help you to become more in tune with your reality and desires. You will learn how to use your emotions as a guide, so that you can take agency of your own life, and align your daily behavior and decision-making with what truly matters to you.

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Thrive in a male-dominated environment with these page turners

Strong Woman by Karren Brady

Football has to be the best demonstration of a male dominated environment, yet this woman didn’t let that get in her way. In Strong Woman we share some highlights from Brady’s story with snapshot advice from her lessons learned in business and at home as a mother. This includes her candid opinion on the lack of diversity and flexibility in the workplace for women. Brady’s story is an empowering one, proving that women can achieve whatever they set their mind to. Her wisdom will help you find your own way as a strong woman (with a great big pair of balls!). Ooh err.

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Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett

Bennett still felt that sexism in the workplace was having a hugely negative effect on her and her female peers, and this is why the “Feminist Fight Club” was born. The group concept was inspired by Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club, minus the men and the physical fighting of course! This summary includes a list of problems that females commonly face in the workplace with actionable solutions. A reliable toolbox to help you build your career and fight for your next step up.

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Are you ready to change your perspective?

There you have it. Even if you are pushed for time you can absorb the wisdom of these motivational books for women. In fact, why not make a commitment now to read just one of these summaries a day? That’s 20-minutes a day that could truly blast you towards a new perspective on life and make real progress towards your personal and professional goals.

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