Christmas Stress

The lead-up to everyone’s favorite holiday is a confusing time. As festive cheer begins to warm the nation’s bones, the inevitable feelings of stress, anxiety, and downright panic start to resurface. At about the same time you realize that your bank balance simply isn’t up to the battering it’s about to take, the force of the Christmas ad campaigns hits like a ton of bricks. And if finances weren’t enough to worry about, what about time? There are barely enough hours in the week to go food shopping, let alone carefully handpick thoughtful Christmas presents and go to the various parties that you’re expected to attend. Let’s face it, the “season to be jolly” can be a bit of a nightmare.

But not to worry. Here at Joosr, we understand better than anyone that even without the added pressures of Christmas, life is stressful. So, we’ve compiled the best tips from some of the best books in our collection that will help order your life before the festive disorder descends.

The Organized Mind by Daniel Levitin

It is said that the reason so many people fail to meet their New Year’s resolutions is because people write a giant list, aiming high, but the mountain often seems too great to climb, and so they simply give up. Humans just aren’t the best multitaskers. Taking on too much, in most cases, means scratching the surface of many of tasks—but rarely completing them all. And, if you do complete those tasks, it’s unlikely they’ve been completed with your best efforts. The Organized Mind will assist you in removing mental clutter to eliminate time-draining activities and help you simplify your approach, better able to achieve your goals.

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The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley, William Danko

It’s easy in the hectic lead-up to Christmas to become irresponsible with your finances. The lack of time we end up allotting to Christmas shopping can often mean we just throw money at the problem, and the time of year generally seems to lend itself to reckless spending. But December more than any month is the time to tighten the purse strings. Use vouchers, coupons, and online discount codes, for both presents and home essentials. Pre-planning presents carefully will also allow you to save money where you can, and always check for cheaper deals—it certainly doesn’t make you a Scrooge! Finally, remember to take full advantage of the free canapés and prosecco at Christmas parties! But don’t overindulge, which leads us onto our next tip…

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In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan

In the lead-up to Christmas, many of us start to panic about the rich and decadent food that we are going to eat over the holidays. But don’t worry; Michael Pollan’s manifesto dictates that we can enjoy our favourite festive foodstuffs without worrying too much about the impact on our health. He references the “French Paradox,” the phenomenon whereby the French’s traditionally indulgent, rich, and calorific food is not reflected in the nation’s health. Though high in fat, the French diet is comprised of homecooked meals and fresh produce, three times a day—and they don’t overeat. This stops snacking on junk food between meals and provides all the nutrition needed for a healthy lifestyle. So, this holiday, enjoy all the usual homecooked culinary indulgences of Christmas guilt-free, just don’t snack on junk between meals and try to keep everything in moderation (so one or two chocolates, instead of the whole box!)

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The Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell

The Danes know how to do Christmas, trust us. “Hygge”—one of Collins Dictionary’s words of the year—roughly translates into appreciating the small things in life, especially in winter. Make your home warm and inviting with blankets, candles, and cushions, share comforting meals with friends and family, and just enjoy the simple pleasures of living. Christmas, first and foremost, is about spending time with the people you love—and, by embracing winter this way, January won’t feel so depressing when the new year rolls around!

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