Books that will change your life

From telling harrowing real-life tales to conjuring up worlds so bright and brilliant they make us smile for days, books can change our thinking, and ultimately our lives, in many different ways. Looking at areas such as relationships, diet, work and stress, we’ve compiled a definitive list of seven books that will change your life, helping you lead a much more productive, healthy, and happy life, for good.

Seven books that will change your life

Improve your relationships

How to Deal with Difficult People by Gill Hasson

It’s impossible to get along swimmingly with absolutely everybody, which is where Gill Hasson’s How to Deal With Difficult Peoplecomes in. From better observing body language to understanding why people are being difficult in the first place, How to Deal With Difficult People can help to iron out the uneasiness in your most difficult relationships for a happier, more fulfilled life.

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Reach your fullest potential

Get Things Done by Robert Kelsey

It’s only natural to feel like you’re not reaching your full potential from time to time. Robert Kelsey’s Get Things Done has all the ingredients to turn that mentality into positivity. Touching on topics such as goal setting, persuasion, negativity, and technology, Kelsey uses psychological research to come up with a fool-proof way to tackle your mental blocks, helping you to get things done, feel more accomplished, and achieve the success you desire.

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Declutter your life

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

Stepping into your home and feeling instantly stressed at the mess and clutter is something that affects so many of us every day. Stress no longer, organizing consultant Marie Kondo is here to help with a personal guide to decluttering your home. Using a variety of techniques, you will learn to distinguish between the possessions which have meaning and those which can be disposed of. Move beyond mess and work your belongings into manageable categories for a stress-free and tidy home. Read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, rid yourself of mess-related stress, and change your life for good.

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Get fit and healthy, quickly

The 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss

The follow up to Timothy Ferriss’ world-renowned best seller The 4-Hour Work Week focuses on burning fat, getting healthy, and becoming, as he calls it, superhuman. This all-in-one self-help, fitness, and diet guide is compiled from over 200 interviews with health experts ranging from doctors to athletes and even illegal drug salesmen. Covering a range of topics from what you should eat to how you can increase strength in just minutes each day, The 4-Hour Body is packed full of advice to help you become healthier, fitter, and happier.

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Turn vulnerability on its head

Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

Vulnerability has long been thought of as a weakness, something which holds us back from doing exactly what we want to do.Daring Greatly opposes this, looking to change people’s perspective of vulnerability so that they learn to embrace it. Instead of feeling uncomfortable and giving up, learn to use vulnerability to open new doors, becoming a more creative, and ultimately happier, person with Daring Greatly.

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Think radically

Think Like a Freak by Stephen J. Dubner, Steven D. Levitt

Think Like a Freak is your guide to thinking truly outside the box. Using a range of techniques, the authors of the infamous Freakonomics look to reinstate your childhood curiosity, helping you to think differently, and smarter, about almost anything. Find a fresh perspective and come up with
new ideas to niggling problems at work or at home with radical, outside the box thinking.

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Stop getting stressed

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson

From hectic work deadlines to school run logistics, pretty much anything can cause us stress at one time or another. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff helps you make small and manageable changes to turn your biggest problems into insignificances. Free yourself of stress with tips and tricks from psychotherapist Dr. Richard Carlson for a more fruitful and less stressed life.

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Could you read all seven books in two hours?

Alongside the insane pace of everyday life, getting round to reading seven books would take months, if not years, even with the best of intentions. That’s why we’ve created a library of beautifully written book summaries, providing an easy means of getting through those titles you’ve always wanted to read in less than 20 minutes. That means you can read all seven summaries in just an hour and 40 minutes, much less daunting and far quicker than seven full titles.

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