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  • Step 1: Master both the mental and physical aspect of the game
  • Without developing the mental component of your game, you are likely to fail: the mental aspect of your training is of the upmost importance. It can put you well above the players around you.

  • Step 2: Outline your goals and write them down, then motivate yourself to achieve them
  • You must understand what is at the core of what you want to achieve.
    Whatever it is, once you are focused on something, you can then set out a firm goal.
    How do you outline these goals? You need a strict guideline to work to and a means to measure that you’ve succeeded.
    Remember: your goals must be clear and concise.

  • Step 3: Cut out external thoughts and concerns to focus your mind solely on the completion of your goal
  • Focusing your mind solely on a specific task can be extremely difficult, especially with the large number of annoyances and distractions that surround us.
    But you must cut out all the external pressures and guarantee that you are doing the best for yourself. How can you accomplish this?
    There are many different techniques you can use, but the most common involves practicing breathing and visualization. Mindfulness practice is very popular for this.

  • Step 4: Don’t allow obstacles to prevent you achieving your goals
  • Don’t allow obstacles to block your path, and even if they do, use your mental strength and determination to overcome them and achieve your goals regardless. Regardless!
    These obstacles may seem impossible overcome, but they are not.
    Obstacles are all in your mind. So use your mind to beat them.

  • Step 5: Create a solid mental game plan to put into action
  • You must pull together all of the mental skills and tools that you have learned to create a solid mental plan, that you can put into action.
    Creating a plan gives you parameters to work within, providing you a structure that will be more helpful to accomplish your goal.
    With a mix of deep breathing, visualization, positive music, and confident self-talk, you will became a champion!

Make 2017 your year!

Want to know more about how achieve your goals? The following book will give you more pointers on how to get there.

The Champion's Mind by Jim Afremow

Throughout the book, Jim Afremow shares the mental techniques he has learned over the years, explaining how each one can bring you toward greatness in your chosen field.
He sets out the chapters clearly and simply, allowing you to understand lessons step by step. What becomes clear from his explanations is that you don’t need to be a professional to learn from this book.

Afremow guides you through the necessary elements to unlock the mental skills required to achieve your goals, using examples taken by real life.
Sure, beginning this journey, on the road to greatness, can seem incredibly discouraging and sometimes impossible – but , by learning from Afremow’s lessons, you are already taking an important step to being a champion.

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