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Bad habits and procrastination can lower your productivity in the office, but Joosr’s new life hack series is here to help. Each week we’ll be picking our favorite time-saving tips and compiling them here for your convenience. Our first post in the series focuses on reducing inefficiency in the workplace. This means no more flapping about for a pen or forgetting to schedule in that client meeting; adopt a few of these good behaviors and you will quickly become more efficient in the workplace.

Prepare for Monday on Friday

As Friday draws to a close, we know how tempting it can be to dream up plans for the weekend, but don’t give into your fantasies of breakfast in bed just yet! Do yourself a favor by taking 20 minutes at the end of the day to prep for the week ahead. Feeling prepared is the best feeling ever—well, maybe not ever, but you’ll be thanking yourself on Monday morning.

Clear clutter

Although a cluttered desk may be the sign of a busy mind, do you really want to spend ten minutes scrambling about every time you need a pen? That’s time you’re never getting back—and it means decreased productivity, too. Here’s a few of our favorite desktop hacks for the perfect mess-free working environment:

Not just for the kitchen: keep odds ‘n’ ends tidy with a spice rack organizer

Ditch the separate containers and instead use a spice rack to store all those hard-to-lose office items. Finally, no more fishing about for errant rubber bands and pushpins!

Endless organizational possibilities with binder clips

The binder clip may be humble but its hidden uses are certainly mighty! Use them to keep your gadget cables tidy or as an impromptu phone holder. We’ve even heard that they keep loose papers together, too… Check out the video for more inventive ideas.

Say goodbye to sticky-notes: use digital methods instead

A top minimalist tip for a harmonious workspace is to remove unsightly Post-it notes, and we agree. They not only clutter your workspace but also create added distractions, and isn’t that the last thing you need? Opt instead for Sticky Notes if you’re on Windows, and there’s Stickies for the Mac users out there. If that isn’t efficient enough for you, then sites such as Trello are useful for keeping everyone organized on team projects without the need for paper.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated

Remembering to drink water can seem like a chore when you’ve got what feels like a million-and-one other tasks to focus on, but as water keeps us energized and healthy, staying hydrated will boost your productivity in the long-term. We love bottles like the one above, which conveniently schedules your intake while reminding you to refill when you’re finished. You can even make a low-cost version at home using a plain bottle and sticky labels.

Check email at specific times

You might think you’re being productive by being on top of your inbox, but how often have you gone to respond to one email, only to find yourself an hour later occupied with multiple message threads, and wondering where the time went? Not so efficient after all, maybe. Instead, schedule a couple of slots into your day where you reply to your emails in large batches: once before lunch and then again before the end of the day can work well—this way you won’t be spending too much time replying to messages when you should be working.

Exercise before work

Dragging yourself out for a run or to the gym is probably the last thing you want to do ahead of a busy day, but the benefits of exercising early really do outweigh the disadvantages. Exercising gives us an energy and focus boost, all while combatting the negative effects of being sat at a desk all day. Don’t just take our word for it though, Richard Branson reckons he gets an extra eight hours of productive time from working out in the morning—and he knows a thing or two about success!

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