Joosr at CIPD Learning & Development Show 2017

Joosr Microlearning Revealed at CIPD Learning & Development Show

We certainly seemed to be the most lively stand with our popping candy and array of balloons, but most importantly early response to our new rapid learning technology was overwhelmingly positive. Both for Joosr Microlearning... Read more
Two women enjoying a day on the beach

Self-help books for women that will rock your rocky world

Whether you are trying to smash the glass ceiling at work, juggle priorities at home or hoping to win the crown of world’s best mum. We have selected our best 20-minute summaries of self-help books for women - that will help... Read more
boys racing in pedal carts

5 steps to being a champion in 2017

Step 1: Master both the mental and physical aspect of the game Without developing the mental component of your game, you are likely to fail: the mental aspect of your training is of the upmost importance. It can put you... Read more
non fiction books 2016

The top 10 non-fiction books of 2016

It’s safe to say that 2016 has been an unusual, and at times extremely difficult, year. However, amongst the celebrity deaths, political unrest, and general sense of darkness, many great non-fiction titles have been released... Read more
Christmas Stress

Avoiding Christmas stress - how to order your life before the festive disorder descends

The lead-up to everyone’s favorite holiday is a confusing time. As festive cheer begins to warm the nation’s bones, the inevitable feelings of stress, anxiety, and downright panic start to resurface. At about the same time... Read more
Books to help you win the next U.S. Election

Books to help you win the next U.S. Election

If you’re feeling up to the challenge in four or eight years’ time, we think these books are a good place to start. However, if you do follow our advice and end up president, we will be expecting a shout out in your... Read more
How to get fit fast

How to get fit fast: four lessons from the best health and fitness books

There are millions of books out there, each with their own approach, ideas, and systems that can help you reach your fitness goals. While it’s great to have so much insight on offer, it can be difficult to know what to try,... Read more

5 clever hacks for a healthier life

Clean living has never been more popular: think of those incredibly Instagrammable smoothie bowls and the recent ubiquity of the avocado. However, many of us still struggle to adopt good habits around a hectic life that’s... Read more
creative flow

How to rediscover your creative flow

It’s difficult to explain creativity. The process of capturing your ideas, getting them on paper or onto your computer, is a unique skill that certainly doesn’t come easily to all. If you are fortunate enough to make a... Read more
psychology books

The best psychology books to improve your performance and achieve your goals

Setting a goal and accomplishing a goal are two different things: the first one is easy, but in order to pull off the latter consistently, a sharp mind and positive mentality is key. Lapses of motivation, stress, low mood... Read more
fitness hacks

6 fitness hacks to stop gym-dodging and meet your goals

It’s easy enough to buy some new running shoes and sign up for a gym membership, full of enthusiasm to get into shape. But all too often we abandon our good intentions after just a few weeks, and wind up becoming a gym... Read more
The Chimp Paradox

The Chimp Paradox summary

Managing our emotions is an everyday challenge. In order to understand our behaviors, for better or for worse, we first need to understand where our impulsive and inherent instincts come from. Steve Peters’ The Chimp Paradox... Read more