Joosr at CIPD Learning & Development Show 2017

We certainly seemed to be the most lively stand with our popping candy and array of balloons, but most importantly early response to our new rapid learning technology was overwhelmingly positive. Both for Joosr Microlearning that enables businesses to integrate their own content and the quality of our 20-minute book summaries, which can be included in the new scalable platform or fed into third party learning management systems.

What is Joosr Microlearning?

Joosr Microlearning is a cloud-based mobile learning platform that enables companies to set up a library of self-directed microlearning content in the form of text, audio and video. For the CEO and founder of Joosr, Dr Darren Boyd-Annells this phase was a natural stepping-stone to deliver even more value and results to the world of business. It started with addressing the needs of millennials and entrepreneurial minded employees, but evolved as a multi-generational solution very quickly, he explains:

“As we began to explore the needs and wants of employees, we discovered that Entrepreneurs, Baby boomers, Generation X, Millennials and beyond all had common desires when it came to personal and professional development. They all want to be the best version of themselves, learn and apply learnings faster. They also want to control how and when they learn.”

Joosr microlearning development costs are 300% less and 50% faster. It’s delivery as a cross-device solution also provides businesses with a greater learning opportunity to suit all learning styles. Darren added:

“During the setup process a white labelled version of Joosr is created into which the Learning & Development team can upload essential learning content. Staff can then access the content on mobile devices and desktops. This meets the growing demand from today’s busy workforce to learn what they want, when and where they want, on their own devices.”

Mobiles with Joosr UI

How is it different from Joosr Book Summaries?

Joosr Book Summaries is a consumer app that provides readers with original 20-minute book summaries on leading self-help books. Joosr Microlearning is a scalable business platform created for use by large teams. The principle difference is that Joosr Microlearning enables an organisation publish its own content into the hands of its users through an own-branded version of Joosr. The organisation can then augment its own content with bolt-on content bundles from Joosr and its content partners.

Key learnings from the event

We were very excited to absorb the wisdom of the key speakers at the event, but also discover the range of learning solutions and innovations out there. A highlight for us was the heightened awareness over self-directed and microlearning. Here are some more highlights from the CIPD Learning and Development Show 2017:

What's next for Joosr?

Since 2015 Joosr has been growing organically and quietly, yet to date over 35,000 people in 75 countries have read its summaries. Joosr is in the first round of seed funding and is currently generating significant investment interest. This funding round will enable Joosr to expand their marketing and product development to a global level.

Joosr Microlearning has been in beta since January and we will be rolling out the new technology in phases over the coming months. You can find out more about Joosr Microlearning or get in touch with us now to book a demo.