The Joosr Story

In the beginning

The world is busy, demanding and fast-paced. It can seem impossible to find the time to keep up with reading and learning. No one understood this better than founder of Joosr, Darren; a businessman with a demanding job and a long daily commute. He found the daily grind made it impossible to squeeze in time for essential reading, learning and development.

An idea was born

Darren wanted to make reading accessible to everyone regardless of schedule. To speed up personal and professional development for busy people who want to learn faster and smarter. He created Joosr Book Summaries offering subscribers access to original 20-minute bitesize reads that not only helped readers quickly grasp the overall theme of popular titles, but also extract key learnings fast. The book summaries were so popular, Darren recognised an opportunity to bring this type of learning into the workplace - leading him to recently launch a new B2B solution - Joosr Microlearning.

Joosr Book Summaries

20-minute bitesize reads

Joosr was created to provide an accessible and cost-effective answer for people to learn valuable life skills that matter in today’s world. The Joosr app makes bitesize learning easy to fit into anyone’s schedule, to build their knowledge in 20-minute reads from the comfort of their own mobile device. Get started with your free trial and you could learn today and apply it today.

Joosr Microlearning

Self-directed learning for everyone

Our new self-directed microlearning platform can be customised as a rapid learning solution in-house. In addition to an optional library of curated expert content and hosting your own content, users can access the Joosr expert 20-minute book summaries for soft-skills, professional development, resilience and wellbeing. Perfect for multi-generational workforces, you can easily deliver your own content to their mobile devices. Joosr Microlearning is currently in beta, find out more or get in touch if you want your own guided tour.

Our Vision

We see a world of people empowered to grow, fast, with essential knowledge at their fingertips.

Our Mission

We are passionate about reading, learning, personal development, and to help people become the best versions of themselves. Our library of 20-minute summaries is filled with the most relevant and inspiring non-fiction titles available, providing the key takeaways to help improve people’s relationships, work life, physical and emotional well-being. Joosr wants to make it easy for all to access bitesize knowledge, to learn and apply, the very same day.

Our Children

In our globalised world, close to 20% of the population is illiterate. Reading and writing are essential skills in the search for meaningful employment. So the Joosr team supports the World Literacy Foundation, a global not-for-profit organisation working to lift young people out of poverty through the power of literacy. We share the belief that every child should be able to read and write so they can enjoy lifelong learning and empowerment.

Our Contribution

Even as a startup, we wanted to start making a difference. That's why we donate 1% of all annual subscription income to the World Literacy Foundation. But, we want to do more. We welcome ideas on how we can use Joosr to make more of a difference in a world that needs more education, more tolerance and more community. Talk to us at